10 Absurdly Elaborate Crimes People Tried To Pull Off

While the vast majority of crimes that are carried out throughout the world are your basic run-of-the-mill acts, such as basic robberies, burglaries or assaults, there are some that have clearly had a bit more thought put into them. In these cases, criminals have acted more like super villains, creating elaborate plans that hinge on their masterminded schemes to pull off. With no intention of glamorizing these dreadful crimes, it is important to look at them simply for the breathtaking, and sometimes bafflingly unnecessary work that went into pulling them off.

Precious Pearls Stolen In The Mail

Noted jewel thief Joseph Grizzard was able to steal a pearl necklace that was widely considered to be the most valuable piece of jewelry in the world thanks to an elaborate plan. Knowing that it was going to be sent from Paris to London via standard mail, he bribed a number of postal workers and set up a surveillance operation on the police to stay one step ahead of them at all times. He then managed to intercept the package, remove the pearls and replace them with 11 lumps of sugar. The necklace was eventually found when it was discarded by one of Grizzard’s accomplices, though he was never formerly charged with stealing it after its return.

Gang Tunnels Into Blockbusters

A gang based in Manchester targeted a Blockbuster video rental store in 2002 for a robbery. The criminals were attempting to steal all of the cash from an ATM inside the store, however the way they did this was unnecessarily complicated. They dug a sophisticated 40-foot tunnel under the ground that included scaffolding and lighting and were able to make off with all of the money without being caught, though the cash only amounted to around $10,000.

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