10 Actors Who Actually Got Drunk For Movie Scenes

Acting is a job that looks a lot easier than it really is. It’s undoubtedly a glamorous position, but it’s hard to make it to the top and actors and actresses have to deal with lots of uncomfortable situations. This leads to actors actually drinking before filming, either needing to get into the character of a drunk or calming their nerves before a nude scene. Here’s a wide range of 10 movies that had one or multiple actors actually drinking before or during a scene.

Margot Robbie

The Wolf of Wall Street had just about everything jam packed in a three-hour movie, but Robbie’s nude scenes when she was sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character may not have happened if it wasn’t for booze. Robbie said that she had to drink tequila to calm her nerves before shooting.

Billy Bob Thornton

Since Thornton’s character in Bad Santa was seen drinking throughout, he actually drank before much of the filming to really sell his character. That led to many of his lines and actions being improvised.

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