10 Actors Who Shockingly Hated Their Roles

Celebrities make a lot of great decisions in their past because it led to them becoming the success they are today. However, even the people that make the best choices will have their off days, and celebrities will reel in jobs that they don’t really like. It’s easy to create a list of sequels that most actors just agree to do so they can get more cash. Obviously, they probably didn’t like returning for another go, but it’s hard to turn out a guaranteed box office success. Instead, here are some lesser known films and bigger hits that had some actors hating their gig and will leave you shocked.

David Cross

Celebrities are supposed to go on talk shows and promote movies they’re in, but the comedian did exactly the opposite on an episode of Conan. Cross was candid in saying that Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was just a big commercial for a cruise ship and warned people to not bring their children to it.

John Cusack

Better Off Dead wasn’t one of Cusack’s biggest hits in his library, and the actor seemed to have known that was coming. After the initial screening, he told the director it was the worst movie ever and that he wouldn’t work with him again.

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