10 Amazing And Funny Snow Sculptures Made In People’s Yards

Not many people in the world have witnessed the majesty of a snowfall, but those who have will always remember it. It is yet another complex element of our planet, one of the many that contribute to such diverse topography and geographical conditions. Playing in the snow is another unique experience that only a handful get a taste of first hard. Making a snow man or having a snowball fight ends up becoming a priceless memory in most people’s lives. Those who constantly live around snow however, tend to get a bit fed up of the frigid weather and are seen desperately waiting for summer time. In the meantime, they get really great with making snow sculptures. Here is a list of 10 amazing snow sculptures that people have made in their yard.

Giant Walrus

A Walrus is actually one of those rare animals that is oddly comfortable around snow. This explains the rather chilled out look on this snow walrus’s face.


You know what would have been more magical than a snow horse? A snow unicorn! Where is your creativity man?

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