10 Amazing Animal Facts Not Many People Actually Know

Animals bring joy and laughter to households all over the world. They brighten up any occasion and have a reputation of lifting your spirits when you’re down and out. People idolize them as national icons, family members and in some cases spiritual entities. Animals have been seen in feature length films, television shows, commercials and other forms of entertainment. It’s amazing the things animals can do and here are few facts about animals that are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. Guinea Pigs Need Friends

Guinea Pigs are sociable creatures. They need companionship to live a full and healthy life. As a result, Switzerland law prohibits owners from keeping these furry creatures on their own.

2. The Unicorn Takes Scotland

Though this animal is fictional and only exists in fantasy stories, it’s still idolized in many different ways. For a country loved for it’s myths and legends, it’s only fitting that Scotland would use the Unicorn as it’s heraldic national symbol.

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