10 Amazing Facts About Human Evolution

Everything about life on this planet, and as a minuscule part of this large universe, is intriguing. A comparatively mammoth part of science has dedicated years and billions of dollars to understand every aspect of life. When it comes to just us, human beings, researchers and scientists keep discovering new stuff every day. There is an endless bounty of information that went into creating the modern human being. Here are 10 such shocking facts about the evolution of Homo sapiens.

There was a Twist!

Scientists studied human evolution at the molecular level to see how human evolution could have turned out differently. A human protein that existed hundreds of millions of years ago would eventually become the cellular receptor for the stress hormone cortisol. This evolution of the ancient protein into a receptor for cortisol was extremely important for our evolution and it came out of a surprisingly random and extremely unlikely mutation!

Throwing Made Us Human

The human shoulder acts like a slingshot by storing and releasing energy during the throw. The human torso, shoulder, and arm evolved specifically to help us store this energy. These throwing skills allowed our ancestors to hunt and feed themselves.

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