10 Amazing Facts About The New Ninth Planet

At the beginning of this year, the scientific community was thoroughly shaken up after it was discovered that a new planet likely exists. After Pluto was out of the game and then brought back, there’s now a chance a similar thing might happen with the ninth planet that’s ten times as big as the Earth. The scientists like to call it Fatty and it’s quite peculiar. Here’s the ten most bizarre things linked to the newly found possible planet of our solar system.


The same guy who decided to kick Pluto off our solar system list is the guy who decided to propose considering the newbie planet to become a part of it. Maybe Mike Brown is hoping to win back some sympathy points after the whole world practically started hating him the second he banned Pluto.

Ice Giant

The new planet is a massive planet, and the scientists think it’s actually some kind of a boss among planets as it’s five thousand times more massive than Pluto. It’s actually an ice giant, something between a rocky planet such as Earth and a gas giant such as Saturn.

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