10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ninjas

Every country in the world has its own unique history and heritage that they are proud of. Some of the elements from various country’s history also manages to become quite famous around the world. The Ninjas from Japan are one of the most iconic historical figures of all-time, featuring heavily in pop-culture in nearly every country. These mysterious warriors are famous for being stealthy, highly-trained and extremely deadly. Apart from these generalizations though, very few people know more about Ninjas. This list features 10 amazing facts that will help you understand these shadow warriors better.

Clan Leaders

Contrary to popular belief, Ninjas did not work alone. They worked in groups known as clans and each clan has its own leader who were both feared and revered.

Fighting Dirty

Much like most of Japan, Ninjas had a very high sense of honor. They would always fight fair and never resort to dirty tactics, even if it meant losing their life.

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