10 Amazing Images Of Various Things Under A Microscope

We can perceive the world in many unique ways thanks to the miracle of vision. Unfortunately, our eyes are only limited to allowing us to see things on an macro level. In order to better understand and appreciate certain elements around us, we need to study them under a microscope. What we see through the clarity of a microscope has the potential to blow our minds. Here is a list of 10 amazing pictures that have been taken under a microscope.


We never really notice these critters when they are buzzing around our face, but in reality, a housefly’s anatomy is extremely complex. Here is a picture of one magnified 6.25 times under a microscope.

Geranium Flower

We can see some truly amazing visuals when we magnify flowers for the purpose of research. This image taken of a Geranium flower magnified 20 times won the 15th place in the 2005 Nikon Competition.

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