10 Amazing Pictures Of Mass Human Formations

There is nothing that we cannot achieve as human beings if we put our mind into it and work together. Throughout history, there are countless examples of human beings coming together for a greater cause, thereby changing the course of history itself. Our communication skills allow us to achieve things that no other species on our planet can achieve. Mass formations are a great example of human capabilities. It takes a lot of effort to organize a memorable mass formation, but when the dust settles, it is always worth the effort. Here is a list of 10 amazing mass formations.

American Badge

This amazing mass formation was organized by Arthur Mole during the early 1900’s. He used to gather thousands of military troops and other groups of people to form spectacular images that inspired the nation. This picture of an American badge created using thousands of people tells us just how powerful his work was.

Statue Of Liberty

This is another of Arthur Mole’s work. His mass formations usually involved forming famous symbols, emblems, and patriotic imagery.

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