10 Amazing Technological Innovations In 2015

The past few decades have seen the technology that we all use advance beyond recognition. Things like personal computers and smartphones were once the stuff of dreams that people never thought would be possible but they have now become essential items that are used every single day. Innovators haven’t stopped there though, every year they come up with new technological inventions that push the boundaries even further to create a futuristic world. These are the most promising and significant from 2015.

Digital Genomes

Decoding the human genome was once a task that took years to complete, yet technology has advanced to a stage where anyone can now have their own DNA analyzed and sent to them on a USB stick in a day. This opens up the chance for doctors to treat diseases and health problems much more personally, using knowledge about an individual’s genome to create much more effective treatments.

Better Shelter

The recent refugee crisis that arose from the violence that has engulfed Syria has brought home the need for cheap and easy-to-build shelters that can house those in need. A collaboration between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the IKEA Foundations developed the Better Shelter, a flat-pack construction that can provide a family with a home that has ventilation, running water and electricity thanks to an ingenious design and a built-in solar panel.

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