10 Amazing Technological Innovations In 2015

Eco-BLAC Brick

The Eco-BLAC Brick is a MIT product that has been created specifically to help developing nations to acquire vital building materials out of wastage. It is able to recycle waste that would otherwise pose a pollution problem and convert it into material that can be used to construct homes and other buildings at a cheap price. This could prove to be essential in countries such as India as populations continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Life Saving Dot

A huge problem in India that affects up to 350 million people is a lack of iodine in the diet that can lead to serious health issues. To help combat this, a company called Grey for Good developed a unique bindi, the dot worn on the head by Hindu women, which allows the required iodine to be absorbed through the skin, tackling issues such as breast cancer and the underdevelopment of children in the womb.

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