10 Amazing Things Made With 3D Printers

3D printing has become one of the most impressive technologies in recent times. The groundbreaking devices are able to take information from a piece of computer software and instead of printing out a two dimensional image they are able to use special materials to create an exact 3D replica. This allows designers to create all manner of things in their own homes and in a fraction of the time it would usually take to manufacturer a model using traditional methods. Many have put the new technology to innovative use to print spectacular, bizarre and surprising things.

Medical Implants

Using 3D printers to manufacture medical implants has arguably been one of the biggest benefits of the technology. It allows doctors to input measurements into software and have an implant printed out in just a few hours, saving precious time and allowing more precise parts to be constructed. Patients have already had jaws, functioning ears, prosthetic limbs and even a piece of skull made from 3D printers attached to them.

Unborn Babies

With advances in ultrasound technology allowing parents to see incredibly detailed images of their unborn children, some companies have set up complimentary printing services. They effectively take the data from an ultrasound and then produce a model of the baby as it would appear in the womb using a 3D printer.

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