10 Amazing Things You May Not Know About The Oceans

The ocean is an amazing place, there’s so much there that many people haven’t seen, there’s creatures that we haven’t seen, plants, volcanoes, and so on.. You think you may know most things about the Earth, about the Oceans, but the truth is we really don’t know much at all. We don’t know that because there’s so much other life where the sunlight disappears and we don’t know what they are, that the life is actually considered alien. Check out this list of 10 amazing things you may not know about the oceans.


Once you go deeper than 200 meters, sunlight begins to disappear and pressure increases. Most of the ocean is actually cold, black and deep, not like what we see in the movies.


You may have thought that most volcanoes were above sea level, but the truth is 90% of volcanoes are actually underwater.

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