10 Animals Adept At Feigning Death

Pselaphid Beetle

This beetle actually wants to get into the burrows of the ant species Lasius flavus. Ants, however, don’t just lay a “welcome” mat and unlock the front door, so this beetle uses a little deception. It feigns death so ants believe it to be a cadaver and a food source, and so they drag it back into their colony. Once inside, the beetle revives and tricks the ants into feeding it; what’s more, it feeds on the ants’ larvae and pupae.


Sharks, of course, are known for their predatory nature, but did you know that tonic immobility can be induced in them? To do so, all you have to do is flip them onto their backs. Once flipped over, a shark will go limp and will start to breathe slowly and deeply. The state is so profound that it functions as anaesthesia; scientists have easily conducted research on sharks thus situated.

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