10 Animals Fully Capable Of Cloning Themselves

When the word cloning comes to the forefront of a conversation, most people tend to envision Dolly the cloned sheep or some sort of science fiction universe. However, in reality, cloning actually happens on a daily basis all throughout nature. A lot of plants are fully capable of reproducing completely asexually (which means they do not have sex whatsoever). These plants somehow create carbon copies of themselves and continue living life as normal. Plants are not the only creatures to clone themselves, however, as some animals can, too. Here are ten animals fully capable of cloning themselves.

Sea Sponges

Sea sponges are generally sedentary in nature, and are often quite colorful at the bottom of the ocean. Regardless of their size at the time, these sea sponges are capable of replicating their cells and fibers to create an entirely new being.


Parasitic tapeworms are often known to replicate themselves while inside of a host. Once within the human body, the tapeworm matures and detaches a part of its rear, which will then regrow the cells, turning into an entirely new worm.

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