10 Atrocities Children Face In Today’s World

Children are always said to be the future of the human race, and adults are generally tasked with protecting these youngsters before they are capable of taking care of themselves. Sadly, that is now always what happens in today’s world. A lot of nations and terrorist armies use children as combatants; offering them automatic rifles and grenades from as early as 8-years-old. Some children are starving, homeless, and have no one who can take care of and guide them through life. Here are ten atrocities children face in today’s world.


From a very young age, Palestinian children are taught that Jewish people are the absolute worst. In order to glorify “jihad,” violence, and martyrdom amongst children, their culture tells them to fight and die for their people.


Much of the world is currently in poverty, but children are handling it the worst. Around 27 to 28 percent of children in developing countries are underweight or have stunted growths. They live without food, schooling, or safe homes.

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