10 Awesome Final Words From Amazing People

Not all of us know whether we are destined for the heights of greatness. In this list you will see examples of people who were born great, became great or live a life of greatness. These are some of the best famous last recorded words from amazing people. From heroes to historians, these ten people lived lives worth aspiring to, and inspired us all. Some died protecting others, while others died living a full life with no regrets. While some were taken well before their time in a flash, these people would all be rememered for their great deeds and their awesome final last words.

Todd Beamer

“Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.”

Many who are not from the United States would not know who Todd Beamer is. On the 11th of September in 2001, an event that would shake the world took place. 9/11 became the first strike against the United States from a cowardly enemy hiding in the shadows; using ordinary citizens for vile attacks. As jets flew into the twin towers, controlled by terrorists from the cockpit, more planes were being hijacked.

Todd Beamer became a legend and a hero with his famous last words as him and several other passengers stormed the cockpit to retake the flight. Their valiant sacrifice ended their lives, but saved the lives of countless others as they forced the plane down near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Karl Marx

Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”

When asked by his housekeeper what his last words were to be, this was his famous response. This philosopher, economist, sociologist and historian has certainly said his fair share. Having contributed to many fields through his time, he left with quite good humor – especially considering the irony. It is this insightful approach to life and ideas that left him considered in high regard by many.

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