10 Awesome Things To Do With The Children This Easter

Easter has always been a fun holiday, especially for the children and seeing their faces when they wake up to finding chocolate eggs throughout the house, but does all the fun really have to end there? Why not have some family fun throughout the days leading up to Easter, whether this be going to the park or doing things that actually involve Easter. If you’re looking more into things that involve Easter, why not check out this list of things that you can all do as a family that are Easter-inspired.

Easter Banquet

Making an Easter banquet can be fun for children, as it would include having friends and family over to join in with the Easter fun. By making Easter-inspired treats, this can not only make it more enjoyable for the children, but will also make it look more like it is Easter.

By spreading hummus on rice crackers and positioning olives to look as if they are eyes and a nose, and cutting fine carrot sticks to make it looks as if the rice crackers have whiskers and having cucumber ovals as ears, this can make it look as if it really is Easter in your home.

Easter Bracelets

If your children are into making bracelets, why not get a few different colors of 3mm thick felt together and cut out 2cm tall egg shapes. Decorate the eggs with beads and embroidery. Once decorated, use a thick embroidery thread to thread it through the egg followed by a wooden bead. Repeat this process until the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist.

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