10 Awesome Vehicles Inspired By Cartoons

Most people have a very idealistic vision about their perfect car. The usual answers to the question involves brands like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Speed and luxury seem to be categories that people look for in their dream car. There are however, a lot of people out there, who prefer making a statement about their tastes in automobiles in a very different way. This involves modelling your car after something you love or admire, either from personal memories or pop-culture. Here is a list of 10 wacky automobiles that have been specially inspired by cartoon vehicles.

Wacky Racers

Didn’t you love watching Wacky Races? It was easily the most interesting race of all time, and the best part was that no one even had to get hurt, except for the cartoon characters of course. This group of people decided to pay tribute to the great Wacky Races by modelling their cars after them.

Mark V

Who hasn’t heard of the Mark V? It could pretty much do it all, and it was always the one thing standing between speed racer and certain death. Modelling your car after this mean machine is the obvious choice.

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