10 Baffling Foreign Versions Of Movie Posters

Movie posters play an integral role in the marketing of films, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming picture and building up hype for its eventual release. However, because the movie industry is such a global phenomenon, posters are obviously not just shown in the United States or Europe but also displayed around the world. Naturally, this means that many of them will see small tweaks to the movie name and the accompanying images to better suit the local market and ensure they fit in with different cultures. While most of them accomplish this relatively easily, some posters end up becoming so far removed from the actual film that they are completely baffling.


While most foreign movie posters still manage to convey at least some of the elements that make up the film, the Czech Republic version of Ghostbusters looks like an impressionist piece of art. This wouldn’t give anyone any idea about what the film was actually about.


The German answer to the poster for Bullitt got rid of them gritty look of the one that was used in the US and UK, which showed the main character superimposed over a dramatic car chase. Instead, they chose to go for something that looks like an internet meme that doesn’t inform the audience at all.

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