10 Beautiful And Awesome Dragons From Pop-Culture

Pop-culture is a cumulative body of information that is nearly as rich as the history of our species at this point. There are so many mediums across the planet that directly contribute to the pop-culture landscape, that it has become almost impossible to keep a track of things. It is densely populated with characters and stories, and every passing generation will have more information to draw from while simultaneously contributing to the information as well. Dragons seem to be an important part of fantasy and pop-culture at this point. There are many versions of dragons, both good and bad, in various stories around the world. This list looks at 10 of the most popular dragons of all-time.


Mushu may not be too well-recognized by today’s generation, but according to most people, Mushu has got to be the funniest dragon of all-time. He appeared in the Disney film ‘Mulan’ that was released in 1998 along with its sequel. His confident, impulsive and hilarious personality has made him quite popular around the world.


Elliot first appeared in the live-action/animated musical film ‘Pete’s Dragon’. This film was released in 1977, which makes Elliot one of the oldest dragons on this list. He is an invincible dragon that lives with an orphan boy and plays a big role in shaping his personality.

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