10 Beloved TV Stars With Dark Pasts

When we watch our favorite personalities on television, we fool ourselves into thinking that they have always had their lives together. We think they are living the American dream because they popped out as blessed babies. The opposite is actually usually true. Quite a few television stars had to go through some very rough patches in order to get where they are now. Some of these television stars have had even shadier pasts than others. We’ve brought you a few of the cream of the crop. Check out this list of beloved television stars who have shady pasts and tell us what you think.

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern might be best known as the guy who travels the world eating rather exotic and flat out gross foods but that isn’t always the way it was for him. Back when he was coming up, Zimmern was so addicted to drugs he said he was stealing purses for money and lived in an abandoned building. After finally getting clean in 1992, he got an executive chef job, and started gaining notoriety. Then he landed his Bizarre Foods show in 2006.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is known as one of the most beloved (and richest) television personalities around. Her life growing up was anything but rosey. From the age of 10 to 14, she says she was sexually abused and actually got pregnant. Eventually she went to live with her father and things started to turn around there. Determined not to let her problems bring her down, she started acting and things went up from there.

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