10 Best-Selling Things That Are Extremely Strange

America has begun to gain a reputation for being a country that produces and consumes a high volume of novelty products. Most of the major production within the country is being exported to second world country, and leaves the bulk of manufacturers very little to do. Having a ton of novelty products to browse from can be a real fun way to kill time, but if these things are being consumed in large numbers, then it begins to speak poorly about the state of the nation. Here is a list of 10 shocking things that are best-sellers in America.

Cards Against Humanity

People seem to really enjoy indulging in the dark-side of things more than ever before. A party game called ‘Cards Against Humanity’, advertised as a game for ‘horrible people’, was a huge success in 2013. As of January 2014, the card game was sold out completely.


You might have seen this hilarious product used all over the internet, and it is no surprise that is extremely popular in America. It was created by Roni Di Lullo and has become so popular that even the US Military picked up a 120 pairs.

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