10 Bizarre Cases Of Spontaneous Combustion

One of the strangest phenomenons in the world is spontaneous combustion, and it happens with objects and humans. While objects can simply burn too much to figure out what exactly caused it to catch fire, even weirder cases happen when it involves humans that burn from the inside out. The only theories that have been released are unique chemicals that different human bodies can produce, and rarely can they cause some crazy reactions such as fires. Here are some of the strangest stories involving spontaneous combustion in our history.

Nashville Professor

All the way back in 1835, a professor by the name of Mr. H felt a sharp pain in his knee while instructing a class and flames suddenly burst out. The professor was able to extinguish the fire himself by simply using his hands.

Debbie Clark

Most people would be scared about catching on fire, but perhaps Clark was too boozed up to care. She was laughing about a blue flashes coming out of her body while her family was scared for her life. Actual fires never sparked, but blue flashes are a legitimate concern in multiple spontaneous combustion cases. Apparently laughter was able to keep it from happening.

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