10 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Clowns

Whether or not you have a righteous fear of clowns or not, it is difficult to not admit that these beings are creepy and otherworldly in most cases. They wear pale white make-up, color their eyes and mouths red, have large smiles hiding gnarly teeth, and tend to focus on children with their acts. This is the perfect disguise for a demon or a child kidnapper in the making. People have a right to be afraid, but they should at least be informed about these people first. Obviously, not all clowns are bad. Here are ten bizarre facts you never knew about clowns.

On The Contrary

In the Cheyenne Tribes of North America, warriors who dressed and acted as clowns would often answer and communicate in the exact opposite way. For example, to answer “yes,” they may shake their heads in a no motion.

Clown Law

A lot of professionals have their code of conduct or office rules, but even clowns have to abide by Clown Law. These commandments seek to preserve the clown itself as someone who spreads joy and laughter, not sorrow.

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