10 Bizarre Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The FBI

They Investigated Louie Louie For Years

After receiving a number of complaints from members of the public about the song Louie Louie by the Kingsmen, the FBI began investigating it to see if it contained obscene lyrics. Most people know that the lyrics are almost completely indecipherable on the record, forcing the agency to try to figure out what was said by slowing it down and setting up a dedicated team to discover the words used. Eventually they realized the song was a cover and they could have listened to previous versions or looked up the lyrics at the copyright office.

And Also A Nine Inch Nails Music Video

In another case of the FBI taking music a little too seriously, they launched a year-long investigation after finding footage of a dead man apparently decaying in a film. The video had been handed in by a farmer without either party realizing that it was part of a music video called Down In It by Nine Inch Nails, with the corpse actually being the very alive front man Trent Reznor covered in corn starch.

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