10 Bizarre Plastic Surgery Procedures That Are Incredibly Popular

The popularity of plastic surgery has grown immensely over the past few decades. Millions of people have had procedures done to themselves so that they look prettier or younger, usually involving the removal of excess skin and fat or even having breast augmentations. These are just typical cases of plastic surgery though, there are many different types that have come into fashion because of a new trend or craze, leading to a huge demand for surgeons to carry out unusual operations on their patients.

Eyelash Transplants

Like many other forms of plastic surgery, the eyelash transplant was originally developed as a way to help burn victims who couldn’t grow back their eyelashes. The procedure is now available to anyone who can afford it. It involves taking hair from your head and implanting it into the eyelids, although the hair will continue to grow and will need to be cut regularly to ensure it remains at the proper length.

Grin Lift

The grin lift is an operation that is almost exclusive to the older generation as it attempts to fix a problem created by aging. As a person goes through life, the corners of their mouths begin to drop and it can look as if a person is frowning when they actually are not. The entire process includes cutting out portions of the skin above the mouth to lift it up, leaving a perkier smile but also visible scars.

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