10 Bizarre Things That People Are Using Drones For

Drones have become increasingly popular in the last few years, moving from obscure devices used by only a select few people to regular items that have even become common Christmas gifts. There are two types of drone that most people know about. The first is the standard consumer drone that is capable of flying a few hundred feet into the air, giving the user a chance to film events at a distance or reach places they couldn’t on foot. The other main use of drones is their military application, with the devices used by armies to bomb and spy on enemies. However, drones have recently been employed in all types of applications, with companies and individuals using them for all type of strange and unusual things.

Land Mine Detection

Mark Beltran has developed a new concept that involves the use of drones in detecting land mines. The bombs, which are often buried underground, cause thousands of deaths each year and are extremely difficult to clear as they are generally well hidden as well as being a dangerous threat. His design includes an integrated detection system which can search for mines hidden beneath the surface and mark them for teams to remove.

Sport Coverage

While the use of drones to cover sports in countries like the United States and United Kingdom is still not widespread, some nations have experimented with the devices to help them capture better pictures and provide referees with more evidence to help them officiate games. The most effective use of drones in sport though is with capturing photographs or video footage of extreme sports such as skateboarding and skiing.

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