10 Bizarre Ways That People Try To Lose Weight

Although people assume that weight loss fads are something of a recent invention, with the explosion of mass media that shows celebrities and models with perfect bodies, the truth is that humans have constantly battled obesity throughout history. While most nutritionists and health professionals would recommend exercise and a rounded diet to lose weight, many have sought out faster and more dramatic methods to ensure that they can get thinner, regardless of how bizarre or strange that they are.

Eating Just Baby Food

All parents will be familiar with baby food and will probably even have tried to eat some while feeding their children, but it is something else altogether to actually choose to go on a diet exclusively made up of the stuff. Some people have done exactly that though, giving up more traditional food in exchange for the baby food, which is high in vitamins and other nutrients. However, experts have warned that it doesn’t contain everything needed for an adult body to function properly and is only a short term fix.


Many people who give up smoking often find they put on weight. This is because smoking suppresses the appetite and when people give up the habit they suddenly find that they enjoy food much more. For this reason, some reason that taking up smoking could help them lose weight by helping to put them off eating as much food as they normally would.

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