10 Bizarre World Records Held By Animals

Ever since the Guinness World Records were established, people have been trying their hardest to get into the record book. They will often do whatever it takes, no matter how bizarre or unusual, to make sure they can write their name in history and receive official confirmation that they are the best in the world at something. Those accolades aren’t just reserved for humans though, as Guinness World Records has a variety of records especially for animals, and they can be just as odd as those that people also have.

Loudest Cat Purr

Smokey holds the record for the loudest purr for a domestic cat according to Guinness World Records. The sound put out by the animal was a startling 67.7 decibels, about as loud as a human shouting.

World’s Woolliest Sheep

Chris the sheep was rescued from the outskirts of Canberra after it was seen to be struggling to move around thanks to the sheer weight of the wool it had grown. Estimates say that the wool had likely been growing for five years without being sheared and weighed a staggering 40 kilograms.

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