10 Brave Children Who Outsmarted Their Kidnappers

Kidnapping is one of the most terrifying crimes in the entire world, as it generally targets children under a certain age. This is easily the single-most worrying, and scary, experience for both a parent and a child to go through. There are people out there, however, that take joy in this type of crime. Thankfully, kids are smart sometimes and have even managed to outsmart their kidnapper, who are usually grown adults, and find a way to escape and gain the attention of the authorities. The following ten kids had the knowledge and courage to escape before it was too late.


On September 24, 2015, a 13-year-old boy, who was only identified as Yi,, was taken off the streets of Deyang, China. He was moved to an abandoned home and his hands and ankles were both bound tightly with rope. Yi remembered all of the gangster movies he had previously watched, and ended up hopping around until he found the exit.

Barbara Ann Stewart

Barbara Ann Stewart, 9, was in Birmingham, Alabama, on August 16, 1978, when she was abducted off the side of the road. The man grabbed hold of Barbara and stuffed her in the trunk. Upon opening said trunk, Barbara attacked the kidnapper with a tire iron and escaped. Her parents called 911.

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