10 Brave Parents Who Got Their Kid’s Art Tattooed

Maybe they’re a little crazy. Maybe they’re a little brave. Maybe they are just more than a little in love with their children. For whatever the reason, these parents took pride in their children to a whole new level. Normal parents put their kid’s artwork on the refrigerator — these parents had their kid’s artwork memorialized permanently on their skin. Now, any time they need a reminder of how much they are loved or how adorable their little one once was, they only need to look at their own skin.

Is That A Bird?

It might be a bird. It’s definitely a colorful piece of art work from what is surely an adorable little kid.

Yikes! Is That A Rodent On My Foot?

This is taken from an ad for a tattoo parlor. They should be proud of this work. Not everyone can perfectly replicate the drawing of a small child.

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