10 Brilliant Facts You Never Knew About Uranus

The cosmos is a vast, brilliant and intelligent space that is inhibited by life in various forms. Our solar system is only one out of millions within our galaxy itself, but this not mean that it is a uniform and monotonous place. Each planet within our solar system is unique and tends to have several inimitable features. Uranus is a planet that can be found on the furthest part of our solar system, but its distance from the Earth or the Sun has not made this planet any less interesting. Here is a list of 10 interesting facts about Uranus that sets it apart from other planets in our solar system.

Rings Of Uranus

Not many people are aware of the fact that Uranus has rings as well. It has two sets of dark-colored rings that includes eleven inner rings and two outer rings. These rings are made from dust-sized particles to large boulders.

Helped Discover Neptune

Uranus is the only planet in our solar system that helped discover another planet. When scientists first started mapping Uranus’ orbit, they noticed that the planet was being pulled away at certain points. They realized this could only happen due to the presence of another planet. After looking really hard for this ghost planet, scientists finally discovered Neptune.

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