10 British YouTubers You Need To Watch

You may know all about YouTubers that hail from the United States. Jenna Marbles, TheFineBros, Ray William Johnson, and Smosh are just a few of them that have become household names with their hilarious, yet relatable content they regularly upload. However, there is an entire YouTube community just across the pond that is growing fast and ready for US viewers to take notice of them. Here are 10 British YouTubers that you don’t want to miss.

danisnotonfire / Dan Howell

You’ve probably seen GIFs of him all over Tumblr. Dan Howell began his YouTube channel in 2006 as a bored teenager. Since then, his channel has growth substantially along with him. Dan is basically like your older awkward cousin who seems to find himself in the weirdest life situations.

AmazingPhil – Phil Lester

Phil Lester began his channel in 2006 as a way to pass time. Little did he know that his channel would blossom. Phil typically vlogs about his life and all of the wonderfully nerdy things he loves, such as Totoro.

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