10 Brutal And Shocking Religious Ceremonies

Religions and people who have been in charge of them have been on the receiving end of a lot of complaints and hatred for as long as we can remember. Pedophilia, child abuse, secret homosexual orgies are just some of the examples of what happens behind the closed doors of religious institutions when the rest of the world is not paying attention. We’ve dug a bit deeper and found the ten of the most brutal religious ceremonies that have taken place that are guaranteed to shock you.

Scalp Dances

Native American tribes have a practice of removing the scalps of enemies in a sort of post-battle celebration. It was considered that this way the victory of the winning tribe was sealed and the scalps were given to women who were grieving for their husbands to wipe away the tears.

Mongolian Executions

Mongols paid a lot of respect to their gods, especially when killing other people. Their protocol for killing their enemies was quite astonishing, with them wrapping the enemies’ live bodies into cloths and then crushing them with stones or trampling horse hooves until they turn into a paste. It was believed that if any blood were to escape from the cloths it would offend the gods, so they paid a lot of attention to killing their victims this certain way.

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