10 Celebrities Nobody Wants To Work With

The idea of arrogant and bossy celebrities is half true and half bogus. Sometimes celebrities prove to be the kind, considerate people who care about their fans and donate huge amounts of money to charities. However, there are also those who are incredibly difficult and make their coworkers’ lives a living hell. We’ve searched the internet for stories of the most pain-in-the-ass celebrities and put them all in our list of 10 celebrities nobody wants to work with below!

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is known to be demanding and way too expensive for what you get in the acting circles. Many Hollywood sources came forward and revealed how both Katherine and her mom Nancy can be extremely difficult to work with while shooting. “She can cost you time every single day of shooting,” one of the sources said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lindsay Lohan

Paul Schrader, the director who worked with Lindsay Lohan on the movie Canyons, didn’t have many words of praise for the actress when asked how it was to work with her on the set. “In the past 16 months, I have been hostage to Lindsay Lohan. She is a great actress, she should be here, but her behavior is unspeakable,” he admitted on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival three years ago.

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