10 Celebrities Who Were Almost Unrecognisable After Plastic Surgery

Sometimes there is a little part of us regular folk that feels sorry for celebrities. With so much exposure to the media and photographers capturing their every private moment, there is an enormous amount of pressure for them to remain youthful and pretty. It’s no wonder many of them choose to go under the knife to help maintain their looks. In the land of celebrities, age is a sin and beauty is a virtue.

But that doesn’t stop them from going a little too overboard. While having plastic surgery to alter minor facial features is one thing, there are some celebrities who take it too far. As a result, they look contrastingly different to their old look and it makes them semi-unrecognisable. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Carrot Top

Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson seems to frequently show up on these sorts of lists. Along with an eyebrow lift, he’s also said to have had limp plumping, Botox injections and laser peels which have reduced the appearance of freckles,

Donatella Versace

Famous for being the vice president of the popular Italian fashion company Versace, Donatella has been going under the knife since the 1990’s. The most obvious change on her are those thick lips.

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