10 Celebrities With Ties To Organized Crime

Organized crime, according to the FBI, is currently a $1 trillion business. With that kind of money going into and out of literally hundreds of different criminal organizations each year, it shouldn’t come as that big a surprise that there are and have been a number of celebrities with ties to one syndicate or another. Some of those ties were unwitting and quickly withdrawn. Others were entirely against the will of the celebrity who had those ties. Others, perhaps most interestingly, appear to have been entirely intentional and may even continue to this day. Check out our list of 10 celebrities with shocking ties to organized crime and tell us what you think.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Once one of the best NBA players of his generation, Hakeem Olajuwon converted to Islam after his career was over. Wanting to give back to his Muslim community, the former center soon found out his money was actually going to Al Qaeda.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s connections to the Chinese Triad aren’t because he’s a supporter, they are because he’s a target. One of the largest criminal organizations in the world, the Triad tried to keep the martial arts star under it’s thumb, but instead he’s spoken out against them. By doing this, the actor has become someone the group is going after. So far, he’s managed to stay ahead of the Triad.

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