10 Celebrity Photos That Nearly Broke The Internet

The internet is a wonderful gathering place for information, games, communication and images. Within the space of a decade, it has enriched our lives and changed the world for years to come. As such, it’s important that the very fabric of the World Wide Web remains in tact and that we all have reliable access to it.

However, there are times when the Internet is pushed to its limit. Either through the sheer amount of activity or through people’s reactions, sometimes it feels like the digital world is not always as stable as we like to think. Personally, we blame these ten celebrity Instagram photos that almost broke the internet when they began spreading.

Taylor Swift

The internet loves two things: celebrities and photographs of cute kittens. Here we see a combination of them both in one image. This is just dicing with death.

Ellen DeGeneres & Simon Cowell (?)

Okay so it looks fake, but that doesn’t change the fact that a small corner of the internet probably went haywire for a second when it looked like these two celebrities had been fraternising.

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