10 Completely Bizarre Forms Of Currency

In today’s modern times, we use coins and paper money in order to complete a transaction, but most people tend to take these bits of money for granted. Back in the day, though, money was valued in a far greater capacity. In ancient eras, almost anything could be used for currency, and so they used a pretty varied array of objects in order to exchange for goods and services. This was all thanks to their diverse cultures, too. Here are ten completely bizarre forms of ancient currency, and while some of them seem to make more sense than others, but they’ve all been used.

Edible Currency

For the longest time, salt was used as a form of currency throughout much of the known world. It was often used in East Africa during the Middle Ages, though Parmigiano Cheese became quite popular, too, as did the cocoa bean in Central America.

Katanga Crosses

Katanga Crosses are x-shaped hunks of metal that came about in the mining region of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These crosses were used in trades as ancient currency in Africa. Most were cast of copper, and weighed about 1 pound total.

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