10 Conventions That You Need To Attend

A convention is a great way of bringing together a large group of people with similar interests. Comic-con began as a convention for geeks and nerds and have now transformed into a global phenomenon. Considering the number of people in the world with varied and recurring interests, conventions are an absolute necessity. Not too long ago, the only kind of conventions out there used to involve automobiles and political parties. Now, there is a convention for pretty much everything you can think of. Here is a list of 10 unconventional conventions that you would probably want to attend.

Twin Days Festival

Being a twin might be nothing more than a genetic and biological condition, but apparently it was important enough to have a festival dedicated to it.

Judy Garland Festival

If you like the classic film ‘Wizard of Oz’, you must probably be a Judy Garland fan. A good way to pay homage to the actress would be to attend the festival specially dedicated to her.

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