10 Cool And Unusual Coasters You Can Actually Buy

The best part about living in today’s society is the sheer variety of choices one has in even the mundane areas of lifestyle. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when you go to purchase anything, from a house to a table spoon. Choice is what drives this economy and it is what empowers the people to live more individualistic, and materialistic, lives. Coasters are something we see in every home, which is why we can now find a wide variety of options in this area as well. There are numerous classy, and well-made coasters out there, but this list features 10 of the funniest and coolest coasters you can get your hands on.

Burger Coasters

When this set of coasters are stacked together, they look like a well-made burger. How ironic that you are using food to keep the condensation from your drinks off the table!

Portal Coasters

This set of coasters is made specifically for fans of the hit video game franchise ‘Portal’. Any portal fans would love this set!

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