10 Countries You Can Live In For Cheap

Your dream of living abroad may not be as far away as you think. Many expats have already discovered countries that won’t cost a fortune to live in, offering the locals so much for so little. Cheap rent, affordable food, and an easy going lifestyle are what draws people to these countries. Many foreigners teach English, but other opportunities are available, especially if you work online. What worlds await you in these distant places? Here are 10 options if you’re looking to live abroad cheaply.


The land of smiles is known for their amazing food, world-class beaches, and kind people. This country is also home to many foreigners that enjoy the low cost of living. Rent can be as low as $90 a month in some of the smaller cities but even Bangkok can be very affordable living. Digital nomads are welcome to work here, teaching English is another great option.


Like Indian food? Well, you should have no problem here. The food is just one of the many wonderful things about India you can enjoy while living here cheaply. There are various jobs available, however many foreigners tend to work online, while enjoying their life within the vibrant culture India offers. You can usually find a suitable place to live for $100 a month but it could be cheaper than that if you don’t live in a major city.

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