10 Craziest Examples Of Fan Fiction That Have Been Written

The world of fan fiction can be an incredibly strange place. As people try to expand on the stories that they enjoy most they can write bizarre stories that involve their favorite characters and locations. While many pieces of fan fiction are serious works with the author attempting to simply tell more tales in universes such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, others take a more fantastical route, crossing together franchises that were never intended to interact with each other. Oh, and many of them even consist of erotic fantasies that most people would never have imagined.

Twilight Avatar

The above picture is a visual representation of what might happen if the worlds of Twilight and Avatar collided as they do in one specific example of fan fiction. It sees the Cullens and Jacob transported to Pandora, though they don’t take part in any of the action that is going on in the way and instead just discuss their person lives for most of the story.

NCIS: Rapture

BioShock is set in an underwater dystopian facility known as Rapture that doesn’t feature many people living there thanks to the events that occurred before the video game took place. In this fan fiction story, Rapture is paid a visit from the NCIS team after one of the characters realizes that the game is actually based on real-world events.

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