10 Crazy Gadgets To Help You Get Healthy

Modern advances and an obsession with having the latest technology have made gadgets big business all around the world. People regularly spend large quantities of money on devices that are aimed to make life that little bit easier. One of the most popular types of gadgets over the past few years have been those that are focused on health, helping people to lose weight and do more exercise. Many of these come in the form of wearable tech that can help track how many calories you have burned or what food you have eaten, but some are a completely bizarre.

Android Mirror

There are smart versions of all types of devices, including clothing and watches, though you might not have realized that you can also get smart mirrors. While it can’t be directly interacted with, it can be used to display relevant information, such as medication reminders and your exercise plans for the day.

Cinema Cycling

Getting fit can sometimes be a chore as it requires intensive exercise that is not only tough but also boring. To try to combat this, IMAXShift has created a range of different spinning classes that take place in specially built room that contains an IMAX screen and high-tech speakers. Various images can then be projected onto the screen to help distract people while they are cycling.

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