10 Crazy Landlords Who Went Too Far

Everyone who has ever rented a property knows that some landlords can be huge pains. While the vast majority may be understanding and reasonable people, there are a few bad apples. Some enforce pedantic rules as if they are a prison warden while others will fail to make repairs or fix problems. However, the ones featured below put all of those to shame. These people have acted in a manner that suggests they have made it their personal mission to appear in the Hall of Fame of the worst landlords, ever.

Dumping Junk

In an effort to get revenge on a former tenant who still owed him more than $1,000 in rent, Bob Flory decided that he would dump a truck full of junk on the house he now believed they were living in. Unfortunately for both him and the occupant of the house that he had dumped the rubbish at, the property was simply a forwarding address and the ex-tenant was actually living somewhere else, leaving Flory having to deal with the legal implications of his actions.

Toilet Removed

Fausto Pinos wanted to get rid of the tenant of a basement apartment he owned but he would probably be the first to admit he went the wrong away about it. He had already failed to fix numerous problems with the property leading to the Department of Health issuing emergency letters to him in an attempt to improve the living conditions. Rather than dealing with the roach infestation and the sewage that was coming up through the bath, he decided to take a slightly different route. Health officials, who returned two weeks later found that the toilet had been removed from the apartment along with the bathtub, sink, oven and countertops.

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