10 Crazy Landlords Who Went Too Far

Impersonating A Police Officer

It’s never nice for a landlord to have their tenants owing them large amounts of money for unpaid rent. That doesn’t mean that they can take the law into their own hands though, as they attempt to get back what they are owed like one man did in 2012. Taking some of his experience from working with the Drug Enforcement Agency, he followed his ex-tenant for several miles before pulling him over and claiming to be a police officer as he tried to work out where he was heading. Actual officers took a dim view and charged the property owner with impersonating a policeman.

Crazy Rules

It is common practice for tenants to be given some rules to live by while renting a room in an apartment. Shunning traditional regulations, this list looks more like a set of prison rules. Tenants were essentially confined to their rooms. The only time allowed to be in the kitchen is when cooking, which you can only do for 30 minutes at a time, and eating. Sure, you can use the bathroom as well, but not exactly freely as tenants were banned from abusing water, gas, electricity, and showers can only last 15 minutes. You’re probably not going to need to wash that much though considering you can’t do anything else anyway, including eating pork.

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