10 Crazy Landlords Who Went Too Far

Stole Living Room Floor

When the new owners of the apartment complex took over and tried to evict all the tenants, Scott Morrow fought back and took the couple to court to fight the eviction. The court decided in Scott’s favor and everyone thought that was the end of the matter. The landlords had other ideas though. They first cut his off his electricity and phone line before then employing contractors to remove the floor joists from under his living room floor and having a large hole sawed through it. The final act of the plan came to fruition when they illegally entered units and proceeded to dismantle furniture.

Crashed A Car Through Apartment

An elderly couple in Delaware were behind in their rent but probably didn’t think their landlord would go to extreme lengths to get revenge. Rather than attempt to negotiate with the couple or seek legal options to recover the rent he was due, Richard Ott took much more drastic action. Taking his cue from toddlers who destroy their toys when they don’t get their own way, he drove his Hummer into the home. He then tried to kick the door down to enter the property illegally, leading to his eventual arrest and a series of criminal charges.

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