10 Crazy Photographers Who Will Stop At Nothing To Capture The Perfect Shot

Amazing photography takes skill, dedication, willpower and the kink for adventure. In order to get the right shot, you must catch the perfect lighting, have the right angle, the perspective must be right and you need to know when and where to shoot. Sometimes the right photographs take planning and preparation and going to the North Pole or jumping into murky waters. The craziest world’s photographers won’t let anything stop them from getting a perfect shot, not even a bear or a possible shark attack. Here’s ten of the craziest photographers who take all the risks!

Fire Shot

While everyone must say that this photographer and his tripod are on fire, what is actually happening is him taking the perfect shot.

Deathly Shot

While brutal and harmful attacks from the ones you would least expect it from do happen, the only thing you can do is get up and keep shooting.

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